About Us

Benefit & Risk Management Services, Inc

Established in 1994, Benefit & Risk Management Services, Inc. (BRMS) is a leading benefit administrator and healthcare risk manager that delivers innovative technology and administration solutions that control rising healthcare costs.

Our clientele includes both public and private sector organizations, including industry leading IT companies, vineyards, hospitals, credit unions, homebuilders, school districts, unions and more.

Trusted & Valued Relationships

When working with BRMS, it's not just business, it's personal. We take pride in the fact that we build trusted and valued relationships with each and every client.


We hold our client's best interests at heart. You can rely on us to go above-and-beyond to ensure you receive the consultation, programs, and services you need to improve your employee benefit plans, reduce your costs, streamline your administration and build trust with your employees.


We work directly with each customer to ensure we align with your corporate healthcare goals — providing ongoing consultation on regulations, conducting expert risk assessments and developing innovative financial and technology solutions that contain costs.

Combined with the personalized care and attention we provide, and our versatility in developing custom services that meet your specific needs, we deliver unparalleled value.


BRMS focuses on the human side of business in everything we do.
It is our people, and their commitment to personal attention and care, that allows us to build and maintain long term relationships with our clientele.